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--- June 25, 2019 ---

- Dudley Lab Free pdf Manuals
A lot usefull technical information at bottom of this page.
Caution some of these pdf file are very large. --------------------------------------------------------------
AWG420 Link Tek AWG420 Spec.pdf
Link Tek AWG420 User Manual.pdf
Link Tek-AWG400_Programmer.pdf
Tektronix AWG420 Waveform Generator 200MHz
R 3131A Avantest R3131A Spectrum Analyzer Manual pdf Avantest R3131 Spectrum Analyzer Manual (9kHz to 3GHz)
EIP 545A EIP 545A RF Freq. Counter Service Manual EIP 545A RF Freq. Counter Service Manual
P63C-40166 Xantrex-sorensen-PowerTen-tti PC62C-40-166.pdf Elgar / Power Ten P63C-40166 DC Power Supply (0-40V/0-166)
E4432B E4432B Data Sheet 5989-4074EN-1.pdf
E4432B Opt UN5 5968-2981E.pdf
E4432B User Guide E4400-90390.pdf
Agilent E4432B Digital RF Signal Gen., ESG-D, 3GHz
HP 6033A HP Agilent 6033A Manual.pdf HP Agilent 6033A System Power Supply
HP 3325 HP-03325-90002.pdf HP 3325 Function Generator
HP 3577A HP_3577A_Operation, Adjustments Manual.pdf
HP_3577A_General Information.pdf
HP 3577A Network Analyzer Operation Manual
HP 3582A HP_3582A_User Manual.pdf HP 3582A Analyzer Users Manual
HP 4275A HP 4275A Operating.pdf HP 4275A LCR Meter Operating Manual
HP-8005B HP-8005B Pulse Gen 08005-90004.pdf HP-8005B Pulse Gen 08005-90004 Operation/Repair
HP8510C HP 8510C Manual.pdf HP 8510C Vector Network Analyzer
HP8514B HP 8514B Test Set 45MHz to 20GHz Manual.pdf HP 8514B Test Set 45MHz to 20GHz Manual
HP 8590 HP 8590 Sprectrum Analyzer UsersGuide.pdf HP 8590 Sprectrum Analyzer Users Guide 371 pages
HP 8644A HP_8644A_Manual.pdf HP 8644B Synthesized Signal Generators
0.26 to 1030MHz
HP 8657B HP 8756A-2.pdf Signal Generator Manual 8656B/8657B
HP 8756A HP 8756A-2.pdf
HP 8756A-2.Service Guide pdf
HP 8756ACal.pdf
Manual 1st Network Analyzer Display
Application Notes
Service Guide
HP 87130A HP 87130A Manual Switch Controller.pdf HP 87130A Switch/Attenuator Driver
HP-8567A HP_8567A_Operation, Tests, Adjustments Manual.pdf HP 8567A Spectrum Analyzer (0 to 1.5GHz)
HP 8569B HP 8569B Manual-Spectrum Analyzer
HP 8569B Manual-Operation and Service
HP 8569B Spectrum Analyzer (10MHz to 22GHz)
HP 8566B HP 8566B Specification Sheet pdf
HP 8566B Manual pdf
HP 8566B Manual at DL pdf
HP 8566B Spectrum Analyzer (22GHz)
HP 8970B HP 8970B Noise Figure Meter.pdf HP 8970B Noise Figure Meter
HP-11971 HP Mixers 11970-90040.pdf HP/AGILENT 11971 Harmonic Mixer Kit Manuals (each kit has 2 mixers) 11971A 18 to 26.5GHz 11971K 26.5 to 40GHz
HP 8991A HP 8991A Pulse Power Meter Operating.pdf HP 8991A Pulse Power Meter Operating Manual
HP70000 HP 70000 Series System Manual 70900-90286.pdf HP 71100C RF Spectrum Analyzer, 100 Hz to 2.9 GHz
HP 70205A
HP 70206A
HP70205A, HP70206A GRAPHICS DISPLAY 70206-90030-1.pdf HP70205A, HP70206A
HP-437B HP-437B-00437-90047.pdf HP 437B Power Meter
HP-84xx HP-84XX Series Sensor Manual
HP 84xx RF Sensor Manual.pdf
HP 84xxSeries --- Sensor Manual Link to Agilent Website
HP 84xx RF Sensor Manual.pdf
HP 478A HP 478A-Sensor-Manual.pdf HP 478A Sensor Manual
HP 431 HP 431-PowerMeter-1.pdf
HP 431-PowerMeter with Images.pdf
HP 431B Power Meter
U85026 HP Sensor U85026A 40 to 60GHz.pdf HP RF Sensor/Detector U85026A 40 to 60GHz
8541C Giga-Tronics-8541C-Spec.pdf Giga-Tronics 8541C RF Power Meter
2002A Wavetek-2002A.pdf Wavetek 2002A RF Signal Generator
54111A Wiltron 54111A 10410-00141.pdf Wiltron 54111A
610C Wiltron 610C Signal Generator Main
Wiltron 610C Mainframe Drawings
Wiltron 610C Operation and Repair Manual
Wiltron 610C Drawings
8000 8000 Regulator Schematic.pdf Hughes 8000 Series TWTA Regulator pcb
PT-3003 Pendulum TWTA 2 to 4GHz 200 Watts PT-3003 Pendulum 2 to 4GHz 200 Watts Model No. PT-3003
AP10090A PS Wayne-Kerr AP10090A PS Features.pdf Wayne-Kerr AP10090A Powe Supply Features
A600 Link to Operation Section A600 Series -- Manual PDFLogiMetricsA600L-Schematics.pdf
Operation Section A600 Series -- Manual PDF
1018 GigaTronics-1018-Spec.pdf Specs. only - GigaTronics 1018 50 MHz to 18 GHz
R&S SMHU R&S SMHU Operating Manual.pdf R&S SMHU 100KHz to 4.32GHz Operating Manual
R&S SMY01 R&S SMY01, SMY02, SMY43 Specifications.pdf
R&S SMHU Operating Manual.pdf
R&S SMY01, SMY02, SMY43 General Specifications
R&S SMY01, SMY02, SMY43 Operating Manual
Harris HF Radio Operation Manual Harris HF Radio Set
RT-1446/URC Transceiver
AM-7224/URC Amplifier 1 KW
PP-7913URC Power Supply for Amplifier
Scout 40 ScoutManual PDF Optoelectronics Scout 40 Counter
8596E HP 8596E Manual PDF HP/Agilent 8596E Spectrum Analyzer
9kHz- 12.8GHz
2030 Marconi/Aeroflex 2030 Signal Generator 1.3GHz Marconi 2030 Signal Generator 1.3GHz
2399B Aeroflex IFR2399B Spectrum Analyzer Programming Link to Aeroflex website
2399B IFR 2399B Manual PDF Aeroflex IFR 2399B Spectrum Analyzer
9kHz to 3GHz
HP8620 Link to 8620C Specifications
Link to pdf 8620 Specifications 1
Link to pdf 8620 Specifications 2
8620 Specifications
HP8663A HP HP8663A Manual PDF HP8663A Precision Synthesizer
100kHz to 2,560MHz
HP-8350B HP HP-8350B Manual PDF HP-8350B
RF Sweeper Mainframe
HP-8481A Link to HP HP-8481A Manual PDF HP-8481A RF Power Sensor
SMIQ03S SMIQ03S Manual 1
SMIQ03S Manual 2
Rohde & Schwarz SMIQ03S
300 kHz to 3.3 GHz
Manual for KELTEC 100-200W TWTA
Schematic for KELTEC 100-200W TWTA
KELTEC 100-200W TWTA Manual
KelTec R730-Schematic.pdf
A500\P Operation Section of A500\P Manual PDF LogiMetrics A500\P
100 Watts 500 to 1000MHz
A600\S Operation Section of A600\S Manual PDF LogiMetrics A600\S
200 Watts 2 to 4GHz
A230 Manual for A230/240-330/340-350 LogiMetrics A230/240-330/340-350
1177 Series Hughes 1177 Series Operation Manual PDF Hughes 1177/1277 Series TWTA's
1177 Series Hughes 1177 Series P-1 Schematic jpg
Hughes 1177 Series P-2 Schematic jpg
Hughes 1177 Series Schematic jpg
8000 Series Hughes 8000 Series Operation Manual
Hughes 8000 Series Manual
Hughes 8000 series TWTA
Xicom XTRD-400K Xicom-Operations-Manual-TWTA-400W-Ku Xicom Operations Manual TWTA-400W
Ku-band XTRD-400K
TPS-4006 TPS-4006 30Volt 6 Amp Manual 1
TPS-4006 30Volt 6 Amp Manual 2
TPS-4006 Power Supply 0-30VDC
PECO II PECO II 50Volt 50 Amp Manual PECO II 50Volt 50 Amp Power Supply
E3617A Hewlett Packard E3617A Spec/Manual Hewlett Packard E3617A Power Supply
HP-6632A Hewlett Packard 6632A Specifications/Manual Hewlett Packard 6632A Power Supply
HP-6627 Hewlett Packard 6627 Manual
Hewlett Packard 6627 Specifications
Hewlett Packard 6627 Power Supply
ATE 150-7DMG Kepco Manual KEPCO ATE 150-7DMG Power Supply
AWG420 Tektronix AWG420 Waveform Generator Program
Tektronix AWG420 Waveform Generator User
Tektronix AWG 420 Programmer Manual
Tektronix AWG 420 User Manual
500C Tektronix 500C, 600B, 700C Service Manual.pdf Tektronix Series 500C, 600B, 700C Scope
320 Tektronix 320 Manual Tektronix TDS320 Manual Scope
TDS744A Tektronix TDS744A Manual Tektronix TDS744A Manual Scope
295 Wavetek 295 Manual Waveteck 295 Operation Manual - VERY LARGE
If I have the equipment the manual may listed with the equipment offer on another page. -
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OTHER Dudley Lab Application Notes
Reference Material
TWT Caution
Caution TWT .pdf Dudley Lab TWTA Amplifier Caution Notes
TWT RF Gain Compression 3-27-15.pdf TWT RF Gain Compression Note
NoiseCom NOISECOM NC6112 Operations.pdf NOISECOM NC6112 Operations Manual
These notes are very good.
Written by Precise RF.
RF Info Microwave 101 Tech Notes good information.
Specs. HP RF Power Sensors.pdf HP RF Power Sensors.
Hughes Hughes mmw Products.pdf Hughes mmw Products (good ref. book)
- -
Ducommun Ducommun Catalog .pdf Catalog Ducommun Catalog -- mmw Stuff
============== Dudley Lab RF Cable and Connectors Info
RF Connectors Link to: Very usefull. Lots of info in one place
Credit to Tom Williams WA1MBA
RF Connectors Southwest Microwave Connectors.pdf Southwest Microwave Connectors
RF Cable Calculator Link to: Times Microwave RF Cable Calculator Times Microwave Cable Attenuation & Power Calculator
RF Cable Times Microwave RF Cable.pdf Times Microwave - High Power RF Cable
RF Connectors RF Connector Identifier Pasternack.pdf Pasternack RF Connector Notes - Drawings
RF Interconnects Link to: MegaPhase Technical_Reference.pdf MegaPhase Connector RF Cable - Technical_Reference.pdf
RF Cable Link to: GORE RF Cable GORE Technical Information: High Power Operation of Coaxial Assemblies.
RF Connectors GORE RF Connector Notes.pdf GORE RF Connector Notes
Waveguide Waveguide Rectangular Info
Waveguide Round Info
Millitech - Waveguide Info.
-------------- Prime Power Info --------------------------
3 Phase Info Three-phase electric_power Info. Link to Three-phase electric_power Info.
AWG Wire
NEMA AC Connectors.pdf
NEMA Plug Chart.pdf
AWG Wire spec.doc
NEMA AC Connectors Standards.
AWG Wire spec.doc
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