SSR: Solid-State Repeater

SSR front view

General Description

Designed as a low power repeater to provide signal to a shadow area, this unit can cover small areas not reached by the master transmitter due to buildings, hills etc. The unit is insensitive to the type of signals being repeated, and it can repeat analog, digital, voice, data, or television. The transmitter section is fitted with a solid-state amplifier having an output power of +29 dBm (approximately 1 watt). Although the repeated signal remains at RF frequencies, the unit also provides a lower-frequency IF output to connect test and measurement equipment or a receiver. The unit is intended to be roof top mounted, and comes in a white powder coated package. The transmitter section may be aimed separately from the receiver antenna, and has a range of 1-2 miles depending on antenna beamwidth, frequency, receiver, and environmental conditions.

Included equipment:

General specifications(other configurations available upon request):

RF Frequency: 26 to 30 GHz
ERP Total: +44 dBm (25 watts) with 1-watt SSPA
RF Bandwidth: 1 GHz
Tx Antenna: 120 degree Horn (V-pol) (24 and 60 degree horns available)
Input AC Power: 120 VAC RMS, 50/60 Hz at 4 amps
Weight: Approximately 50 pounds
Size: 14" depth by 20" diameter
SSR rear view

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SSR block diagram

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