8-way Active Splitter: An option for subscriber equipment

8-way active splitter diagram

This 8-way splitter enables the sharing of a single Antenna/Downconverter unit between up to eight tuner boxes by dividing the IF signal eight ways. This is an economically viable solution for apartment complexes etc. Included internal to the unit is an IF amplifier and bias tees. The amplifier provides adequate gain to compensate for splitter losses plus 100 feet of feed cable. No additional biasing of the splitter is needed, although an optional DC power jack and DC supply are available. Type F connectors are standard.

General specifications:

RF Power, 1dB compression: +10 dBm
RF Frequency: 950 to 2050 MHz
Gain: 6 dB
Connectors: Female type F
Input DC Power: 0.15A from tuner box or optional external DC supply
Size: 7" by 5" by 1" Weight: Approximately 0.5 pounds
8-way active splitter photograph

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