--- -- March 11, 2008 ---

Antenna Gain Pattern Testing Equipment

General Description:

This system is intended as a moderate cost unit for antenna test applications requiring both azimuth and elevation movement, in addition to recording test data. The elevation section may be separated from the azimuth unit and the azimuth purchased separately.

Unit is intended for those preferring to develop their own software. Interfacing the positioner to your PC is straightforward using one of the many data acquisition boards with A-D input and TTL logic output functions.

Positioner Hardware

General Specifications, Positioner Unit:

Additional Version 1 Photos of Positioner and Controller

Additional Photo of Positioner, Version 2

DrawingsVersion 1 Mechanical Drawings of Positioner

Here you will find sample output printed on an HP-85 thermal printer

This plot was made on an HP 7475 plotter.

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