LNK-1: Point-to-Point Link

General Description

This transmitter and receiver set is designed to relay programming signals to a remote transmitter (RTx or LPTx). These units are intended to be roof top or tower mounted, and come in white powder-coated housings. The operational range is 4-10 miles depending on frequency and environmental conditions.

Link Tx and Rx photograph

Included equipment:

General specifications(other configurations available upon request):

Link Receiver Internals

Link RF Frequency: 26-31 GHz as required
Link Tx RF Power output: 630 Watts effective radiated power with 0.1 watt SSPA (1 watt option)
RF Bandwidth: 1 GHz
Antenna: 18" dish, 38 dBi gain (H-pol)
Link Tx Input Frequency: 1.5-2.5 GHz @ 0 dBm standard (other options available)
Link Rx Output Frequency: 1.5-2.5 GHz @ 0 dBm standard (other options available)
Input AC Power: 120 VAC RMS @ <2 amps, 50/60 Hz
Weight: Approximately 100 pounds
Size: 14" depth and 20" diameter housing

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