HPTx: Master System Transmitter

General Description

HPTx exterior photographThis unit is designed to serve as a high-power, head-end master transmitter for point to multipoint distribution of up to 48 channels of analog FM video and audio. It is air-conditioned, and can be fitted with RF amplifiers having up to 60 watts of RF power (120 watts saturated power). The air-conditioning allows this transmitter to be operated in the most demanding conditions of a hot environment. The unit is intended to be rooftop mounted, and comes in a weatherproof, white powder-coated cabinet. Range is from 3-6 miles, dependent upon frequency, antenna, receiver and environmental conditions. The transmitter is available for all RF frequencies from 26 to 30 GHz.

Included equipment:

General specifications(other configurations available upon request):

HPTx interior photographRF Power output in Ka-band: 60 watts with 120 watt TWTA and linearizer
Available RF Frequencies: 26 to 30 GHz
RF Bandwidth: 1 GHz
Antenna: 120 degree Horn (V-pol)
Input Frequency: (2) 80-540 MHz @ 0 dBm standard, (1) 1.0-2.0 GHz option
Input AC Power: 240 VAC RMS, 60 Hz at 20 amps circuit (L14-20P), 12 amps
Weight: Approximately 500 pounds
Size: 53" height, 30" width, 14" depth

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