DC-xx: Antenna/Downconverter Units

Antenna/downconverters photograph

General Description

These units are for the receiver (subscriber) end. They are relatively compact, and connect with a standard 'type F' coaxial cable to the tuner box. Many models are available, please contact us for details. In the photo is shown the most popular antenna/downconverter design on the lower left (the 8" gold-colored dish, DL Version 1), our newer higher-gain antenna/downconverter design (Medium cost) on the right (with the larger 12" dish), and another new design on top (Low cost). The Antenna/Downconverters are available for all applications from 25.5 to 31.3 GHz. Antenna/Downconverters and tuner boxes are manufactured in the USA and Korea.


8" Antenna/downconverter with tuner box photo

8" Antenna/Downconverter

This 8" Antenna unit was our first production Antenna/Downconverter (DL Version 1). This version has been replaced by a newer version having molded plastic packaging. It is a low cost unit (<$130) and many thousands of this basic unit have been used worldwide.

12" Antenna/Downconverter

12" High-gain converter photo The 12" Antenna/Downconverter unit shown at right is our Premium Performance unit and is recommended for 28 and 29 GHz applications.

Premium 28 GHz Antenna/Downconverter Specifications

Antenna Gain: 36 dBi with 12" dish
Input Center Frequency: 27.5 to 28.5 GHz or 28.5 to 29.5 GHz
IF Output Frequency: 1000 MHz to 2000 MHz
Operating Bandwidth: 1.0 GHz minimum
Noise Figure: 6.5 dB maximum
Frequency Stability: +/- 1 MHz
Operating Temperature: -30 to +45 C
DC Power: +12 VDC, from tuner box via IF cable
Package: See photograph
Output connector: Type F coaxial

12" 2-Way Antenna Description

Photo of two-way converter for dataFor 2-Way data applications, we have a 12" antenna (36 dBi) with both downconverter and upconverter units built into a single housing and sharing the same antenna. The receive performance specifications are the same as the 12" unit above. Specifications for the transmitter section are shown below.

Two-Way Converter Specifications

2-Way Receiver: See 12" Downconverter above for specifications
2-Way Transmitter:
Power Output: 0.1 Watt
RF Frequency: 31 GHz (other options available)
RF Bandwidth: 100 MHz minimum

We have conducted a comparison test of all the Antenna/Downconverter combinations available to us, below is a summary of the results. Attenuator Setting is a relative attenuation in dB of the test transmitter power that provides the same picture quality at the subscriber location. All testing was conducted at an RF frequency of 28 GHz.

Downconverter Antenna Type Change in Attenuation (more is better) Notes Applications
DL Version 1 1992 8" Dish 0 (reference) No LNA Discontinued (note 1)
DL Version 2 8" Dish +7 No LNA Discontinued
DL Version 3 12" Dish +11 External LNA Test use only
DL Version 4 1998 8" Dish +11 No LNA Low Cost (note 2)
DL Version 5 1998 8" Dish +18 With LNA Test use only
DL Version 6 1998 12" Dish +15 No LNA Medium Cost (note 3)
DL Version 7 1998 12" Dish +22 With LNA Premium Cost (note 4)
Vendor 1 8" Flat Panel +7 No LNA (note 5)
Vendor 1 8" Flat Panel +18 With LNA (note 6)
Vendor 2 12" Dish +10 No LNA (note 7)
Vendor 3 8" Dish +13 1 Stage LNA (note 8)
Vendor 4 8" Dish +13 1 Stage LNA (note 8)

1. Over 5,000 of these units have been built in Korea, and are currently being used in Venezuela.
2. Approx. Cost $200 Qty. 1,000. This is our lowest cost unit and is recommended for short range, single subscriber applications.
3. Approx. Cost $250 Qty. 1,000. This is a medium cost unit and is recommended for short range, single subscriber applications.
4. Approx. Cost $300 Qty. 100. This is our Premium unit and is recommended for longer range, single or multiple subscribers.
5. Thousands of these units have been manufactured by Vendor 1 and used worldwide.
6. This is the latest version of Vendor 1's unit with an LNA. Few, if any, are in use.
7. Over 10,000 of these units have been sold in Asia by Vendor 2.
8. These Vendors are currently building prototype units for the Korean market.

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