SSTx/Rx: Data Transmitter/Receiver

Sector Transmitter Photo #2This unit is intended for the delivery of Internet and other data services. Both the transmit and receive functions are separated into 90 degree sectors. This allows the system operator to provide service to a single 90 degree sector, and later expand the system to 2, 3, or 4 sectors as the customer base expands.

The photographs at right show a fully populated Sector Transmitter/Receiver as it would be used to provide omnidirectional service. We expect that in most applications, 90 or 180 degrees of service will be adequate. Each RF module transmitter or receiver may be aimed in both azimuth and elevation to optimize the performance of the system.

As with all Dudley Lab products, this Sector Data Transmitter/Receiver system is modular in design. It is also engineered to be easy to expand and maintain in the field by the end-user's technical staff.

SSTx/Rx Test/Startup System Planning

Sector Transmitter Photo #1

SSTx/Rx General Specifications

Coverage: Each sector covers a pie-shaped section of 90 degrees by 3 miles. The covered area is flexible depending upon the method of modulation used. In general, the more aggressive types of modulation (QAM-256) result in a shorter range, and the more modest modulation types (BPSK) extend the range.

Data Equipment: Dudley Lab does not manufacture any data equipment. We have designed our microwave equipment to be compatible with most of the available standard CATV cable modems. This allows our customers to shop for the most suitable and economical solution for their specific needs.

Data Speed: This depends upon the data modems used. Much information related to CATV modems is available on the Internet.

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