Computer Control Center

Control Center photograph

General Description

The computer control/monitoring system is an option for HPTx's. It can monitor the signals listed below, and warn by way of a bell or printout, when any preset limits are exceeded. It connects to the HPTx via an RS-422 serial cable of up to a mile in length, and does not need to be located at the head end. The photo is of an older software revision that measured fewer parameters than the current design. The software and sensor suite can be customized to monitor or control the items the customer requires.

The following items are usually monitored, by both analog and digital readouts:

The control center consists of the remote monitoring cabinet, computer, monitor, and RS-422 interface on the monitor end. On the transmitter side, many sensors and a microcomputer need to be fitted. Thus, the control center is normally installed before delivery of an HPTx.

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