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--- November 10, 2015 ---

1 Year 100% Warranty: Applies to Dudley Lab built New TWTA's only.

60 Day Warranty: Applies to Used TWTA's and other test equipment.

10 Day Warranty: Applies to All Wholesale Transactions.

Warranty is to cover Repair, Replace or Refund my choice.

Warranty is void if you don't follow the Operating Cautions/Guidelines. Dudley Lab TWTA Caution Sheet HTML
Warranty is from the date of shipment.
Warranty does not cover Freight.
Warranty does not cover calibration. Unless the offer includes a current calibration.

NEW: Never put in service. May be new old stock, NOS.
Like New: Slightly Used. Condition Like New. May have slight scratches.
Very Good Condition: Used, Fully operational to full spec. May have slight scratches.
Good Condition: Used, Fully operational to full spec. My show more cosmetic wear.

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