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--- October 22, 2018 ---

RF Amplifier Repair

We are currently repairing customer RF Amplifier manufactured by:
Hughes TWT
Varian TWT
Ophir Solid State.
PST Comtech Solid State.

How does it work?
Step 1. Contact Dudley Lab to be sure it's a model we work on. Contact E-mail to Henry Dudley
Step 2. If it's a model we work on, we will quote a $400 bench charge for evaluation.
Step 3. Send the Amplifier with your PO for the $400. Please pack with Care. See Packing Guidlines. Link to: Packing Guidelines
Step 4. After we receive your Amplifier, we will evaluate it within a couple of days and send a report with a quoation for repair.
Step 5. If you find the quoation acceptiable, send us a PO for the repair. The evaluation fee will be applied to the repair cost.
Should you not want to repair the Amplifier, the only charges will be for the evaluation and return shipping.
Step 6. Repair normally takes two weeks, depending on parts avaliablety. We have many parts for Hughes and Varian/CPI TWT units.
Step 7. We return your Amplifier with final test data. Payment by Credit Card or Net 30 with approved credit.

We are All in the Service Business

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