HP-8620C General Specification

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8620C Sweep Oscillator Mainframe The 8620C Sweep Oscillator Mainframe, with more than 15 solid-state plug-ins available (sold separately), can provide >10 mW of leveled output power from 3 to 18.6 GHz. Plug-In sweep bandwidths range from 3 to 350MHz to the wide band 2 to 18.6 GHz module. With appropriate plug-ins, four separate bands and their respective frequency scales can be selected. Start-Stop sweep points may be set from 1% to 100% of band, up or down scale, at sweep rates from 10 msec to 100 sec per sweep. DeltaF sweeps, at the same rates, from 1% or 10% of band may also be made. CW, continuous wave, makes the sweeper a signal generator, which may be modulated, or allows manual sweeps for frequency calibration. Other sweep modes include automatic, manual, externally triggered, single sweep, and remotely programmed. A marker, selected by the CW/Marker control, may be adjusted to any point on the band, and indicated by either amplitude or intensity.

Frequency: 3MHz to 18.6GHz based on RF Plug-In
Sweep functions: Start-Stop, Delta, CW, Remote Programmed.
Sweep modes: auto, line, external.
Sweep time: 10 msec to 100 sec.
Sweep output: direct coupled, 0 to 10 V.
Modulation: Internal AM 1 kHz; External FM based on RF unit.
Marker: 1 Option 001 = Programmable Source

New Cost from HP $4,000

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